Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Explicit v. Implicit

Arguments can be either explicit or implicit. The main difference between them is the difference between telling and showing. Explicit arguments are good for a debate, while implicit arguments put an idea into your head and indirect. Both are very effective ways of getting your point across if used correctly. Certain situations call for one type, while another will call for a different type of argument.

Explicit arguments are arguments that state the claim, use reasoning skills, and evidence to back it up. It’s a process and procedure. They are very direct and concrete. Looking at them, you know right away what the argument is about and what viewpoint is; the argument is usually written out. An example of this type of argument is when people argue out their views and it is usually like a debate.

Implicit arguments are very indirect. It’s not concrete and doesn’t look like an argument because it’s implied. . This type of argument is used in poems, stories or photos to get the point across. Like explicit arguments, they still state the claim, and support the idea. They are also similar to explicit arguments because they try to persuade others to take a certain point of view. Short stories, pictures, personal essays, narratives, and poems, are good examples of this type of argument. They don’t come right out and tell what you should think, but there are hidden and underlying messages to them. Two examples of implicit arguments are the Veterans Day Photograph and the “Dulce et Decorum Est” poem. You as the reader have to figure out what the author is trying to convey. Like the Veteran’s Day photograph and the poem in the book, they both convey a message about serving your country and about how it takes a certain kind of person to stand up and take on such things.


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I found this to be very helpful for my college english course. thanks!

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even today I found this helpful thank you for taking the time out to do this I appreciate it!

truebeautyforever said...

even today I found this helpful thank you for taking the time out to do this I appreciate it!

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lee woo said...

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. See the link below for more info.